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"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Thomas A Edison

My Gratitudes...

Everyday I post my 5 Daily Gratitudes on my Twitterfeed. It’s my way of being grateful for small things in my life, and to help me stay grounded. I decided a long time ago that I really wanted to do a webcomic based loosely on my life, and my funny family. This comic is a combination of those two ideas. Being grateful, and the joys, and frustrations, of being a part of something bigger than yourself. A family.

Check out My Gratitudes...

Pencil Shavings

This is my personal blog. I write a lot about art, about my family, and about going to school. But I also write about politics and the environment and gardening and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff that filters through my head.
Please feel free to comment. Otherwise I may feel like I’m just talking to myself.
If you want to get a visual on the weird and funny side of my life check out my webcomic “My Gratitudes...”
Check Out Pencil Shavings...


I love doing commissions. Creating something unique and original for a client is one of the joys of being an artist.
One of my specialties over the last few years have been children’s portraits. Children’s portraits are a special challenge, and one that I love. Mostly I do portraits in watercolour, but I have done portraits in acrylics, and in pastels that have turned out wonderfully.

More about Commissions

Kathleen RalphWelcome to my online home. If we haven’t met before I’m Kathleen. If we have met online you may know me from Twitter. Or maybe Facebook. G+? Perhaps Artfire, or Etsy.  Or maybe you are one of my regular readers from my blog, Pencil Shavings.
Regardless of where you and I have come from this is the new space for all things related to my art and creative endeavors. Think of it as one stop shopping. I’ve consolidated much of my online activity under one umbrella (or masthead if you will). You can read my blog here, shop for something special, order a commission or just follow along with my webcomic. Whatever you choose to do, you are welcome here.   ~Kathleen~