Artist, Illustrator, Coffee Addict, Mom: Four Great Things That Go Great Together.

Artist Kathleen RalphI am currently finishing the last year of my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the University of Calgary. Juggling school demands and the needs of my two daughters and my husband has been a huge challenge, but one that has been very worthwhile. While I have sacrificed some time with my kids, I think that I have taught them that following the path to doing what you love is a key to being happy in your life. But doing that juggling act has certainly led to the third item in my title. Coffee is not only needed, but is essential at this point in my life.

Over the years people have told me, in various ways, that my art is “domestic”. I can’t argue with that. The core of my work is based on life, the house, the home, the family and my memories of growing up. I paint and draw what I know and what I know is that my family is also essential to my happiness. Which is why when viewers tell my that my art makes them happy I feel like I have captured something universal in my work.

Currently I am Illustrating a textbook for the University of Calgary Press titled “Engaging Minds: Changing Teaching in Complex Times” which will be available in the fall of 2015.

This year I have been going into schools to teach elementary and middle school children art, with the benefit of showing them creative thinking and different ways to approach learning a subject.

AND I relaunched my webcomic “Hope and Harry “ in the fall of 2014 which is a fictionalized version of the fun, funny, and at times slapstick life of my family. I hope you will go visit it and maybe see a little of your life in it too.